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Legal Notes


LEGALNOTICE www.calpehomegroup.com

1. Legal information

In compliance with the duty ofinformation established in article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, on InformationSociety and e-Commerce Services, we inform you that the owner of thewebsite www.calpehomegroup.com isCalpehomegroup C.B.

The following is theidentification and contact data of the owners of the websitewww.calpehomegroup.com:

Entity responsible: CalpehomegroupC.B.

Address: CalleLa Pinta1 Calpe 03710 Alicante (Spain)

Tax ID: E67825539

Contact email address: info@calpehomegroup.com

Phone number: (+34)692554768

2. Purpose and scopeof application

2.1.- This LegalNotice establishes the general conditions of use that regulate the access,navigation and use of the website www.calpehomegroup.com, (hereinafter,Website), as well as the responsibilities derived from the use of its contents.Additionally, the provision of certain services or activities within theframework of the Website may also be subject to other conditions that, whereappropriate, could replace, complement and/or modify the general conditions ofuse of this Legal Notice.

2.2.- This Website isa service that Calpehomegroup C.B. makes available to Internet users forinformational purposes, with the ability to make the modifications it deemsappropriate in its design, configuration and contents, at any time and withoutprior notice.

2.3.- The access anduse of this Website gives the visitor the status of USER and implies their fulland unreserved acceptance, from said access and/or use, of each and every oneof the conditions of use that Calpehomegroup C.B. includes in this LegalNotice, in the version published at the time you access it. In this respect,the USER shall be understood as the person who accesses, browses, uses orparticipates in the services and activities on the Website.

2.4.- The USERundertakes to use the Website correctly, in accordance with applicable laws,good faith, public order, consumer use and this Legal Notice, responding toCalpehomegroup C.B. and to third parties for any damages that may be caused asa result of the breach of said obligation.

3. Access and use ofthe Website

3.1.- Access to thisWebsite is free, except in relation to the cost of connecting to thetelecommunications network provided by the operator contracted by each USER.

3.2.- The USER assumesresponsibility for their use of the Website. Therefore, the USER undertakes touse the content diligently, responsibly and lawfully and, in particular, amongother uses, undertakes not to:

Use false identities,or impersonate the identity of other users in the use of the Website or itsservices.

Introduce computerviruses into the network or perform actions likely to alter, damage, interruptor generate errors or damage to the electronic documents, hardware or softwaredata and systems of Calpehomegroup C.B. or third parties, as well as hinder theaccess of other users to the Website and its services through mass consumptionof the computer resources through which Calpehomegroup C.B. provides itsservices.

Attempt to access anduse the email accounts of other users.

Reproduce, copy,distribute, make available or in any other way publicly communicate, transformor modify the contents of the Website, for commercial purposes, in any mediumand by any technical means, without the prior and explicit authorization of theowner of the corresponding rights.

Introduce orincorporate as a business or professional activity the contents and/or servicespresented on this Website.

Violate anyintellectual or industrial property rights derived from the contents of theWebsite.

Use the contentsand/or information of any kind obtained through this Website to carry out advertisingor promotional activities, send advertising of any kind and communications forsales or other commercial purposes, or to collect, market or disclose in anyway such information.

Use this Website, orthe contents and/or services obtained through it, to carry out activitiesagainst the law, morality, good customs or public order, for illegal purposesor outcomes, prohibited or harmful to the rights and interests of thirdparties.

3.3.- CalpehomegroupC.B. reserves the right to interrupt at any time and without prior noticeaccess to the Website, as well as to interrupt the provision of any or all ofthe services provided through it, whether for technical, security or any otherreason.

4. Personal dataprotection

4.1.- CalpehomegroupC.B. undertakes to process personal data in such a way that respects the rightsof its owners, in accordance with the data protection regulations that are inforce at any given time.

4.2.- In the PrivacyPolicy section of the Website, the legal information or privacy policycorresponding to the different data processing carried out by CalpehomegroupC.B. in relation to the management of web users’ data, social media followersor candidates is permanently available to the USER.

4.3.- In the eventthat the USER voluntarily completes any of the online data collection formsavailable on the Website, to access any of its services or content, theyundertake to provide accurate and truthful data, as well as to communicate toCalpehomegroup C.B. any changes in this. Unless explicitly stated otherwise,the data requested in our forms are necessary to be able to process yourrequest.

In any case, thecorresponding online form for the collection of the USER’s personal data willinclude a link to the corresponding privacy notice applicable to the processingof the personal data provided. The explicit acceptance by the USER of thecorresponding privacy notice will be necessary for the form to be completed andto be able to complete the submission process. The content of this privacy policymay be modified to adapt it to legislative changes that may occur, as well asto criteria and principles issued by the competent Data ProtectionAuthorities.

4.4.- If a USER provides personal data of other natural persons, they undertake to comply, in relation to said data, with all obligations derived from the data protection regulations in force, and in particular the duty to inform and obtain the consent of the owner of the personal data.

4.5.- Children under16 years of age are not allowed to provide their personal data through theWebsite, the prior explicit authorization of their parents or guardians isrequired. In any case, this Website is not directed to minors.

5. Intellectual andindustrial property

5.1.- CalpehomegroupC.B. is the owner or licensee of the rights to exploit the intellectual andindustrial property of this Website, as well as the content available therein.All rights reserved.

5.2.- In no case shallit be understood that the access and navigation of the USER on the Websiteimplies a waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial assignment of saidrights by Calpehomegroup C.B., nor that it confers on the USER any right ofuse, translation, adaptation, alteration, exploitation, reproduction,distribution or public communication, for commercial purposes, of saidcontents, without the prior and explicit authorization of Calpehomegroup C.B.or the owner of the affected rights. Failure to comply with the foregoing willentitle Calpehomegroup C.B. or the holders of the corresponding rights to filethe relevant legal actions.

5.3.- Thedistribution, modification, transfer or public communication of the content andany other act that has not been expressly authorized by the owner of theexploitation rights, are prohibited.

6. Warranty disclaimersand exclusion of liability

6.1.- The content of this Website is for information purposes and the creation of a communication channel with USERS, and its content should not be considered as exhaustive advice on any matters. Calpehomegroup C.B. does not fully guarantee access to all content, its completeness, correctness, validity or timeliness, nor its suitability or usefulness for a specific purpose. Calpehomegroup C.B. excludes, to the extent permitted by the law, any liability for damages of any kind arising from, but not limited to: errors or omissions in the content, unavailability of the Website, or the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs through the content. However, Calpehomegroup C.B. declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its means and the current technology, to guarantee the operation of the Website and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to USERS.

6.2.- CalpehomegroupC.B. is not responsible for the use that the USER makes of the services andcontent of the Website. The USER acknowledges and accepts that the use of theWebsite, as well as its services and content, is carried out at the USER’s solerisk and responsibility.

7. Links

7.1.- In the event thatlinks or hyperlinks to other Internet sites are available on the Website,Calpehomegroup C.B. does not exercise any control over said sites and content.In no case will Calpehomegroup C.B. assume any responsibility for the contentof the linked third-party websites, nor will it guarantee the technicalavailability, quality, reliability, accuracy, scope, veracity, legality orvalidity of any material or information contained in any of said hyperlinks orother Internet sites. In this respect, if the USERS have concrete knowledge ofthe illegality of activities carried out through these linked third-partywebsites, they must immediately notify Calpehomegroup C.B. so they can proceedto disable the access link themselves.

7.2.- Likewise, theinclusion of any type of link to other Internet sites by Calpehomegroup C.B.does not imply that any type of relationship, association, collaboration ordependence exists between Calpehomegroup C.B. and the owner of the third-partywebsite.

8. Right to exclude

Calpehomegroup C.B.reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to this Website and/or thecontent and services offered therein, without prior notice, to those USERS whofail to comply with these general conditions of use or any particular ones thatmay be established.

9. General Statements

9.1.- In the event ofa discrepancy between the provisions of these general conditions of use and theparticular conditions of each specific service, the provisions of the lattershall prevail.

9.2.- If any provisionor content of this Legal Notice is declared null or unenforceable, in whole orin part, by means of the final ruling of a competent Court or Tribunal, suchnullity or non-application will not affect the remaining provisions of theconditions of use, which will retain their validity for all purposes.

9.3.- The non-exerciseor execution by Calpehomegroup C.B. of any right or provision contained inthese conditions of use will not constitute a waiver thereof unlessacknowledged and agreed to in writing.

9.4.- CalpehomegroupC.B. may modify in full or in part, at any time, the conditions determinedherein, and such modifications will be effective from the moment they arepublished on this Website.

10. Applicable law andjurisdiction

The relationsestablished between the owner of this Website and the USER will be governed bycurrent regulations regarding the applicable legislation and competentjurisdiction. However, for cases in which the regulations foresee thepossibility for the parties to be subjected to a jurisdiction, CalpehomegroupC.B. and the USER, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspondto them, will be subjected to the competent Courts and Tribunals.

Calle la pinta nº 1, Bajo edif. Mar y paz
Calpe / Calp (Alicante)
  • CalpeHomeGroup
  • Calle la pinta nº 1, Bajo edif. Mar y paz
  • 03710 Calpe / Calp (Alicante)
  • 0034 665796345
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